Create a Legacy

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then you are an excellent leader. – Dolly Parton Can I get an ‘amen?!” Seriously, if I can’t convince just one person to chase a crazy DREAM, to TRY something new, to find SELF CONFIDENCE, then all of my accomplishments are in vain. Next time you are at the gym, at a race, or running at your local park, make a conscious effort to think words of encouragement to those around you until you get into that HABIT of uplifting others. It seriously takes zero effort to be kind.  
At my sprint tri last weekend, a girl racked near me wearing a kit from a large, local tri group was joking to her friend about how rude she is on the race course. When another athlete nearby asked the race official a “newbie” question, this girl said to her friend that if she had been asked, she would have given her the wrong answer because she is “THAT athlete.” It made me SO sad to hear that, and it’s still bo…

Keeping up with the Joneses: Ironman Edition

This weekend I got a bit down on myself. I’ve had a lot of stress since Texas surrounding what my next goals should be, mixed with a desire to be FAST like so many other amazing (superhuman?) athletes that saturate our sport. I guess I’ve gotten to that point where I’m faced with the question “who am I as a triathlete?” 
I read one of my first blogs after starting triathlon the other day. It was filled with wonder, excitement, and just a complete acceptance of whatever race day may bring. I didn’t recognize that voice whatsoever. Not that it’s completely a bad thing. Ironman distance forces you to take training seriously in order to be successful, and I’ve gained so much confidence over the years. But at the same time, I found myself missing that joy, the complete disbelief of what my body might accomplish, and the total gratitude that came with the entire experience.
The last few years that I’ve lined up at the start of a race (I have only raced long distance courses since mid-2015), …

Ironman Texas Feels

I have lots of feelings about this race. Mostly a mix of overwhelming relief that it’s over, but yet gratitude for a strong finish on one of my toughest race days. I don't feel I have any natural, athletic talent. However, I do pride myself on being mentally strong. I think that’s something that’s been instilled in me from an early age- a drive to never quit, even when everything is breaking down and nothing seems to be going the right way.  My brain just says "Just one more step. Just one more. One day or mile you might not be able to, but right now you CAN." I've found that the point where the body actually fails rarely actually comes. That’s what I love about this sport, and also why it’s so addictive. That’s also the part of me that was tested more than ever at Ironman Texas.

It's not that I had a bad race, or that anything major went wrong. It was more like a series of tiny disappointments mixed with a complete inability to get my head where it needed to be i…

Tough, Tougher, Toughest: Week 26/30 to Ironman Chattanooga

This week was pretty crummy from a training standpoint. I’ve just felt super run down all week, and I’ve just not been able to get my legs to work hard enough to get my heart rate where in zone 2, let alone my speedwork in zone 4.  I remember lots of crummy days/weeks last year, but I feel very fortunate that it’s taken me this long to not be super stoked about training. In fact, I kept telling myself, how many workouts did I cry last year? (A bunch!) And how many this year? (None-YET!)  I cut a couple of my workouts 10-15 minutes short, and opted for an extra two hours sleep instead of my third swim on Friday. Not exactly how I wanted to finish up my second to last week before taper, but I think it was still a solid week overall. Additionally, I’ve gotten a bit worried this week that I’ve NOT been worried ENOUGH about the hills on the Choo run course. I’ve been trying to run hills about once a week, but then this week, I went full blown freak out mode, and I ran some crazy hills o…

Week 25/30 to IM Chattanooga Recap

Swim: 1.5 mi.
Bike: 145 mi.
Run: 32.5
Total time: 16 hours So our pool was closed almost ALL week, starting Tuesday night. I’ll say that it was mandated by the health department and leave the rest to your imagination. Good news is-it’s back up and running this week. Unfortunately, our lake is still like bath water, and I’m just not brave enough to jump in and risk another crazy sinus infection. Not happy about missing two swims this week, but life happens.
Tuesday night we had a hot and steamy track workout. 1 mile warm up, 3 x 1600m I pace (just under 5k race pace) w/ 4 min recovery, 1 mile cool down. I nailed the first mile at just under an 8 min pace, but the heat just made it go downhill from there!

On Thursday’s bike and Friday’s run, I just couldn’t keep my heart rate down. Not sure if it was the heat/humidity again or recovery or what, but that was a bit frustrating.

Jason took his first days off in TWELVE days and for some crazy, insane reason, decided to join me on my 100+ mil…

Gulf Coast 70.3 Race Report

At some point in the last five years, I have somehow mastered the mysterious art of getting a good night’s rest the night before a race. So, after a restful night’s sleep, Jason and I woke up at 3 a.m. Saturday morning. I mixed three bottles of Infinit for the bike (one per hour), and cooked my pre-race breakfast of oatmeal with coconut peanut butter. We looked out our hotel room window over the swim course and confirmed that the ocean was as angry as it had been the day before.
We left our hotel for transition at 4:30, and immediately within sight of the bike racks, we heard the announcer delivered the bad news: the 1.2 mile swim was canceled due to strong rip tides. The officials felt that safety personnel could not stay in place on course, and they were concerned that out of control kayaks and paddle boards could actually harm swimmers even more than the riptide.   Even though we knew it was the best call, neither of us could hide our disappointment. After feeling that I had conq…

At Least I Was Too Busy Worrying About Drowning to Think About Sharks, a Gulf Coast Pre Race Report

Our alarm went off at 2:30 Friday morning. Jason and I secured the bikes to the car, and by 3:30, we were on our way to Panama City. If you’ve never traveled to the panhandle from central Georgia, you have no idea how monotonous of a drive it is. Thankfully, my sweet husband let me snooze most of the way. Our reason to leave so early was to arrive at the convention center just in time for check in to open at 9:00. Half way through our 5 hour drive and at the end of my little snooze, I suddenly remember that PC is in Central time.  Jason was less than thrilled to find out he could have had an extra hour of sleep. Ooops.
Safely in PC, we found ourselves (big surprise) an hour early. Jason and I went out for a quick little 20 minute jog along nice and flat Front Beach Drive. We took it easy, and it felt like a comfortable, but not quite cool, beach morning. However, by the time we made it back to the car, I was sticky and drenched with sweat. This should have been a sign!
Jason and I th…